E-mail Time~! Part 1

Patron: I need to log onto my email!

Me: Okay. Are you logged onto a computer?

Patron: No.

Me: Okay, computers are right over there. You need a library card or photo ID to log on.

Patron: I forgot my photo ID but I was here yesterday. You remember me!

Me: No…I need photo ID or a library card.

Patron: You can’t just make me one?

Me: No, I need ID.

Patron gets angry and storms out of the room.

Me (thinking): I wasn’t even here yesterday…


License to Compute

Patron: I’d like to use the computer.

Me: Okay, do you have a library card?

Patron: No, I’m from out of state.

Me: Well, do you have a photo ID? I can issue a guest pass for you.

The patron shows his driver’s license and I issue a guest pass, giving him the instructions on how to use the Guest ID to log into the computer.

A few minutes later the patron comes back up to my desk and says he cannot log in and the ID is invalid.  I go over to his computer to help and before I can help, he is already typing in his Driver’s License number for the ID and when it fails, he looks at me asking why it didn’t work.

Me: Sir, you have to enter the ID that’s on the guest pass I gave you.