“Hello Moto”

Not all Libraries have a “No Cell Phone Policy”. Ours was removed because we realized that it’s an inconvenient policy for our patrons. Therefore; to accommodate them we implemented “Cell Phone Areas” to use your cell phone for phone calls. That way phone calls won’t disrupt other patrons who are quietly working.

However, not all people are considerate to their fellow patrons or bother following the rules. Constantly patrons talk loudly, even cursing and screaming, on the phone causing a disruption. Some will even get upset when you tell them to go to a cell phone area and talk there.

The other day I had a patron charging his phone at his computer and he walked away. I’m working at my own computer and I nearly fell out of my seat when his phone started obnoxiously blaring a ringtone. It did this three times before the patron came back. He then proceeded to talk very loudly into his phone. His phone went off twice more after that and he did not seem pleased when I mentioned it.

I don’t understand how people can be so rude and then get upset when someone calls them out for it. Shut your phone’s dang volume off and lower your own volume and we won’t have a problem.

It’s that easy, really.

Not A Mind Reader

A mom comes up to my desk one day and she asks me if I can help her find a book for her son. I’m like, “Sure, no problem. What’s the title?” She tells me she doesn’t know. So, I ask her for the name of the author. She doesn’t know. I ask her if she can tell me what the book is about and again she says, “I don’t know.” However, this woman actually expected me to find it even though she has given me zero information on what book she is looking for.

News flash for those that don’t know. There are millions of books in the world! According to google it’s 129,864,880. That’s almost 130 million printed books in existence. I am not a magician. No, I don’t know what book you are thinking of and I don’t care that the title is on the tip of your tongue. I am not a freaking mind reader and flipping out on me for being “useless” is not going to solve the problem here.

Next time, write it down.

Library Books… Not for Sale

Patron comes in to renew book for son.

Patron: How much are books here?

Me: The books in our Used Book Nook are $1 for paperback and $2 for hardcover.

Patron: But you can’t buy this one? (holds up renewed library book)

Me: No.

Patron: Oh, because my son is going to need it for a while…

Me: ……

Me (Thinking): That’s what bookstores are for.

“Do You Want My Card?”

Checking out books to patrons is one of the easiest tasks of being a Librarian.  It can also be one of the more enjoyable aspects of the job when you begin to talk about books with them.  Sometimes the process is interrupted by having to renew a patron’s account or they have to pay a fine, but usually this part of the job goes without issue.

However, there is one thing that really bothers me when a patron comes up to check out.

There are times, and this happens way too often for my liking, when a patron places their books (or DVDs) on the desk and will stand there staring at me for at least a minute before they ask…

“Oh, do you want my library card?”

Um… yes!  That’s why you have the damn thing!  To check out items!

I mean really, you don’t go up to a register in a store, place your items on the counter and once the cashier rings them up you ask if they want you to pay for it.  Granted, the process is reversed in a library – you give us your card, then we check out the books – but it’s common sense people!  You are in a library!  We need your card to check out your items.

Again, that’s why you get a card in the first place.