Do You Work Here?

I’m sitting at the AV desk, checking in DVDs and putting the discs away and notice a patron looking around.  Finally, he comes up to me.

Patron: I need help looking for something.  Do you work here?

Knowing this guy has seen me working behind the desk, I take a second, look down at my badge, then back up to him and answer.

Me: Nope.

Patron: Oh, okay. (starts walking away)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just so you all know I’m not that horrible of a person, I did catch him and tell him that  I do work here.  I did not think that he would believe me, but… I was wrong.  Though part of me wishes I left it at that.

I also need to add that I get this question a lot… especially when I’m behind a desk.  I mean, I’d understand if they asked me this question while I’m in the stacks putting books away, but when I’m behind a desk?  Really?

People never cease to amaze me.