Welcome to Librarians Anonymous, where we document what really happens in a public library.  From weird conversations, to what we find in returned books, and just plain ranting… prepare to find out what it’s really like to work in a public library!

Disclaimer: For the record, all instances mentioned on this blog did actually happen.  We are keeping information such as names and location private to protect the bloggers and those mentioned in our posts/rants.

The Librarians

Genie in a Novel

I have been working in the library field for almost three years now and am almost done with my Master’s in Library and Information Science.  Yes, after only working in a library for six months I decided to go back to school for another two years to get that MLIS degree and become an actual Librarian. 

Some of the things I’ve seen in my job are so close to what I experienced in retail that I wonder why I love my job… but the fact is, I do.  And really, some of the stories I have to share on here are what you can only experience in a place like a library.


Basic Book Bitch

I’ve been a Librarian for about four years now and damn, I love books. I mean they smell good, they make me laugh, and most of them are pretty attractive. (I know people say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but some covers got me going damn! … that’s hot!)

Anyway, most people believe libraries are boring, quiet, and stuffy old buildings. I can promise you that (95% of the time) it is not. It’s always a zoo, a circus, and some of the things we experience and witness just truly amaze me. They’re all stories you’ll only find at a library… and who better to tell them then a Librarian, am I right?


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