“Hello Moto”

Not all Libraries have a “No Cell Phone Policy”. Ours was removed because we realized that it’s an inconvenient policy for our patrons. Therefore; to accommodate them we implemented “Cell Phone Areas” to use your cell phone for phone calls. That way phone calls won’t disrupt other patrons who are quietly working.

However, not all people are considerate to their fellow patrons or bother following the rules. Constantly patrons talk loudly, even cursing and screaming, on the phone causing a disruption. Some will even get upset when you tell them to go to a cell phone area and talk there.

The other day I had a patron charging his phone at his computer and he walked away. I’m working at my own computer and I nearly fell out of my seat when his phone started obnoxiously blaring a ringtone. It did this three times before the patron came back. He then proceeded to talk very loudly into his phone. His phone went off twice more after that and he did not seem pleased when I mentioned it.

I don’t understand how people can be so rude and then get upset when someone calls them out for it. Shut your phone’s dang volume off and lower your own volume and we won’t have a problem.

It’s that easy, really.

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