Snow Closings

When there is inclement weather, the library will close early.  This is for the safety of our staff as well as our patrons.  Apprently, this does not sit well with some of our “everyday” patrons.  A recent encounter with one of them went a little like this…

Patron: Are you closing early tonight like you did last week?

Me: I’m not sure.  It depends on when the snow starts.

Patron: … (stands silently then lets out a “mm” and walks away)


Well… sorry that we want to keep people safe by sending them home early instead of when the snow is already piling up and the roads are slick.

“Hello Moto”

Not all Libraries have a “No Cell Phone Policy”. Ours was removed because we realized that it’s an inconvenient policy for our patrons. Therefore; to accommodate them we implemented “Cell Phone Areas” to use your cell phone for phone calls. That way phone calls won’t disrupt other patrons who are quietly working.

However, not all people are considerate to their fellow patrons or bother following the rules. Constantly patrons talk loudly, even cursing and screaming, on the phone causing a disruption. Some will even get upset when you tell them to go to a cell phone area and talk there.

The other day I had a patron charging his phone at his computer and he walked away. I’m working at my own computer and I nearly fell out of my seat when his phone started obnoxiously blaring a ringtone. It did this three times before the patron came back. He then proceeded to talk very loudly into his phone. His phone went off twice more after that and he did not seem pleased when I mentioned it.

I don’t understand how people can be so rude and then get upset when someone calls them out for it. Shut your phone’s dang volume off and lower your own volume and we won’t have a problem.

It’s that easy, really.

Not A Mind Reader

A mom comes up to my desk one day and she asks me if I can help her find a book for her son. I’m like, “Sure, no problem. What’s the title?” She tells me she doesn’t know. So, I ask her for the name of the author. She doesn’t know. I ask her if she can tell me what the book is about and again she says, “I don’t know.” However, this woman actually expected me to find it even though she has given me zero information on what book she is looking for.

News flash for those that don’t know. There are millions of books in the world! According to google it’s 129,864,880. That’s almost 130 million printed books in existence. I am not a magician. No, I don’t know what book you are thinking of and I don’t care that the title is on the tip of your tongue. I am not a freaking mind reader and flipping out on me for being “useless” is not going to solve the problem here.

Next time, write it down.

TP Wrapped Gift

This week a patron returned a DVD wrapped in toilet paper to me. Yup. I have no idea why. I wish he used paper towels or I don’t know…THE FREAKING CASE?!

Also when asking for the rest room key this patron was prompted to tell me that he “Needs to go pee pee.”

One, freaking gross. I don’t need to know what your business will be when you use the facility. You’re a grown adult. Speak properly and ask for a rest room key. Good grief.

Two, he then asked me if it was right key? Obviously it is. Why would I hand it to you if it wasn’t?

Three, toilet paper? Really?????

Ding Dong…STEAL?!

I mentioned in my very first post that our doorbell had been stolen. So, here’s the story.

It was a Friday afternoon and a patron was on his phone in the teen room. In our library we have a teens only policy for our teen room because teens have complained about feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when strange adults are in there. Hence to why the policy was implemented.

So, this grown man is yelling on his phone and walking around and sitting in the teen room. He completely ignored the policy posted on the wall and framed in different areas of the room. My supervisor went over to him and explained that he could not be in there because of our policy. He flipped out on her and refused to leave the room saying, “I’m always in here and you are the only person who has ever told me to leave.”

This statement is obviously not true but my supervisor walked back to my desk and asked me if I have ever seen him in the teen room before. I answered truthfully, I had never seen him before in general. Then she said we need to get security because the guy was refusing to leave. We get out the walkies and ask for security to come to the main desk.

Our Director and Security guard arrived on the scene and had him leave the room. However, he started yelling and making a big scene about being kicked out of the teen room. He stormed out of the building yelling and swearing at us.

And it doesn’t end there. After a while or so the doorbell starts to ring consistently. It was getting to a ridiculous point that our Director and Security went outside to the find the same man lurking around and being loud at our front entrance. Our Director banned him for the day and kicked him off our property.

After he left we realized he took something with him…..our doorbell.

Jokes on him though. Our Director had a spare in her drawer!

Do You Work Here?

I’m sitting at the AV desk, checking in DVDs and putting the discs away and notice a patron looking around.  Finally, he comes up to me.

Patron: I need help looking for something.  Do you work here?

Knowing this guy has seen me working behind the desk, I take a second, look down at my badge, then back up to him and answer.

Me: Nope.

Patron: Oh, okay. (starts walking away)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just so you all know I’m not that horrible of a person, I did catch him and tell him that  I do work here.  I did not think that he would believe me, but… I was wrong.  Though part of me wishes I left it at that.

I also need to add that I get this question a lot… especially when I’m behind a desk.  I mean, I’d understand if they asked me this question while I’m in the stacks putting books away, but when I’m behind a desk?  Really?

People never cease to amaze me.