Hazardous Waste

So, one day I’m going into work and I find a van with a huge tube coming out of the back leading into the front entrance of the library. My first thoughts were “What the heck is that?!” and “What happened?!” Knowing I would soon find out, I made my way inside.

I had my late lunch, an egg and cheese wrap, half in my mouth when I approach the main desk. My eyes pop out of my head when they discover men in hazmat suits quarantining the bathrooms! My supervisor is standing in the back office observing them. I walk in and ask her what is going on? And is it safe to be in here? She tells me I might not want to being eating for this story. I shrug and tell her to shoot anyway.

A couple hours previous to my arrival it was very busy at our Main Desk. A patron had interrupted the line to ask one of the ladies working to be let into the bathroom. (We had a “buzzing in” system. Buttons that unlock the doors to the bathroom.) She had told him to wait one moment because she was in the middle of something. He gave her an attitude and went towards the bathrooms. When she was done with her task at hand she turned to let him in but the man was gone. However, he left a…”present” on the carpet in front of the men’s bathroom. Somehow this man managed to elude the cameras and all the staff after leaving his… droppings.

The exterminators (obviously) had to remove the “hazardous waste” as well as the surrounding carpet. And that is why we now have tile in front of our rest rooms.

We also have to sign in people ourselves and hand them a key. So, shout out to the guy who ruined an easy bathroom policy. Now my hands are dry from using too much hand sanitizer thanks to you!

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