Freaky Friday

So, I have been a Librarian for almost four years now and I would like to say that nothing surprises me…but that’s simply not true. People blow my mind, daily, with their stupidity.

Fridays at our library are notorious for being… bizarre. Some “Freaky Friday” examples are a disgruntled patron stole our doorbell, a crazed man stripped down in the middle of the stacks, and a drunkard ran screaming into a bookshelf. (One of us will totally elaborate on another post.)

Today was no exception to the usual chaos. A patron actually got upset with me because our audio discs would not play on his cassette player. YUP. He actually flipped out because audio discs are CD’s, not cassettes. At first, he did not understand what I was saying. He kept bickering with me that it would work. The conversation was going in a consistent circle of me repeating myself until he finally comprehended what I was saying. Then he seemed to think it was my fault that we did not carry cassettes?? He even slammed down the audio books and said he’s “Pretty sure these won’t work on his cassette player.” Obviously. I said that fifty times already. Honestly, after he walked away and I just stared blankly at my computer screen like, “Did that really just happen?”

Another thing. I never understand how patrons get angry about their fines? Like you were the one who neglected to bring books back, lost some, and let these fines accumulate over time. Yes, you do have to pay them and no, I am not a bitch trying to rob you. You’re the one who robbed the library by not paying your over a hundred dollars worth of fines, thanks.

Like this woman actually got mad at me because of the fines on her account. That is not my fault, I’m just telling you what my computer says. And if you “don’t wanna pay for that shit.” That’s great. GTFO and have a lovely day.

I could go on… but I’ll leave it for another post. Hope y’all enjoyed my “Freaky Friday”.




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